Our Talents


The role of the Cantine Settesoli winegrower is to act as a custodian of the territory and its biodiversity

They are called custodians because they safeguard the survival of the vines, protecting them from potential abandonment and unruly urbanisation. This is because the future of quality Sicilian viticulture relies on the protection of the vineyards and the landscape, consciously linking the wine with the territory where it is produced. This way of working can become a catalyst for an authentic renaissance of agricultural culture, safeguarding biodiversity as a fundamental natural resource for facing the unforeseeable changes to come. 


The role of the agronomist and their team in the vineyard

Quality wine begins with the vine, but a healthy grape can only be produced with the support of sound agricultural practices. The quality and characteristics of the product are planned in the field, starting from the evaluation of the best combination of varietals and soil, to ensure  the right systems and techniques are adopted to capture as much of the territory’s essence in the grape as possible. 

Cantine Settesoli provides its growers with constant assistance in the field: from selecting the best clonal varietals, growing and pruning techniques, tools and machinery, right the way through to soil management, disease and pest prevention, and planning the harvest and harvesting techniques, our team is always on standby to assist our growers all year round. 

Not one of these stages is left to the winegrower’s own decision; their core objective is to grow quality produce, following pre-defined protocols established by our team of agronomists, who also have the task of evaluating the environmental impact of the production line, investing in scientific research and experimentation, and liaising with our members through every stage of the production cycle of the grapes. 

Today, our team is led by:

1 Viticulture manager

1 Assistant manager

8 Field assistants


The role of the enologist in the wine cellar

The technical director of Cantine Settesoli and their team control every stage of the production cycle, from approving the winemaking process and bottling of the end product, right the way through to how the wine is stored, ensuring the wine is produced in complete safety, including from a physical, chemical, organoleptic and legislative perspective. 
The enologist works in concert with the managers of the company’s three factories, proactively updating the management, sales and marketing departments on the product development activities in course. 
Together with their team, the enologist also studies and proposes improvements to the production process  to enhance the quality of the wines, optimise costs, always with a keen eye on making the production and processing activities more sustainable

Cantine Settesoli winemaking team is composed of:

1 Technical director

1 Bottling manager

3 Laboratory technicians

3 Wine cellar managers

1 Wine consultant

The Marketing team

The role of marketing in the company

Working closely with the management team, sales and production divisions, the Marketing department studies and elaborates both traditional and digital media strategies to enhance the visibility of the company’s products and initiatives. This is implemented according to a specific annual plan; a strategic tool that is essential for adapting our production and distribution network to an ever-changing global scenario, not only in terms of the market but also in terms of the end consumer. 

Some of the department’s main roles include thinking up new products or repositioning existing ones; defining the brand identity; restyling packaging; pin-pointing the most appropriate distribution channels and the correct communication strategies to adopt; co-branding activities, and the planning and organisation of events. All of these tasks are strictly carried out according to a predefined marketing plan, where we define all the tools we will use for achieving our business objectives, but it is also essential for measuring the results of our strategies and evaluating their success.

The  Cantine Settesoli Marketing department is composed of:

1 Head of marketing

2 Brand managers

2 Assistant brand managers

1 PR manager

1 PR assistant

1 PA

Italy’s sales network

The team’s role and objectives

Cantine Settesoli distributes its wines in Italy through two distinct channels: traditional and large-scale retail chains. The distribution logic of these two segments is very different, as are the people in charge of buying the goods. This means we need two different sales figures: sales professionals with excellent mediation skills, who can speak the language of the retail chain buyers, and agents with a good knowledge of wines (including their organoleptic characteristics, denominations and the territory where they are  produced), who are used to liaising with restaurants and wine shops.

The off-trade team is composed of:

1 National key account manager

1 Sales assistant

1 Customer service manager

12 Agencies that cover the entire national territory

1 Agent in Sicily in almost every province

1 Agent in Sicily in the case of Ragusa, Enna and Caltanissetta

1 Agent for every region

The on-trade team is composed of:

1 Sales director

3 Area managers

2 Agents

1 Sales administration manager

1 Brand ambassador

A network of 80 agents across the national territory

1 Agent for every Italian province (including those in Sicily)

The Wine Shop

The Cantine Settesoli Wine Shop are places of excellence, where customers can experience an authentic consumer experience that is perfectly in line with the values of the brand. 

As  well as selling wine, the Wine Shop Managers also have the responsibility of generating more footfall in the store and increasing sales. The activities are extremely varied and range from managing displays and sales, to customer relations, follow ups, deliveries and loyalty initiatives.

In this sense, the Hospitality Manager plays a key role, as it is their job to increase visitors to the wine cellar and the wine shop, through the organisation of wine tasting sessions where visitors can try and purchase our products.


2 Wine shops

4 People who manage them and answer to the Sales manager

The Export team

The team’s role and objectives

Coordinated by the management team, Cantine Settesoli’s Export division implements the company’s sales polices with the objective of developing business relations and selling our portfolio of wines on the principal world markets. 
As well as identifying the trends and potential of new or already acquired markets, the team woks on implementing the best sales strategies, including product promotions, studying the target market, identifying opportunities for increasing profit, analysing sales strategies, and maintaining productive, long-term relationships with existing clients, all in close coordination with the production, marketing and management teams.

Cantine Settesoli’s export team is composed of:

1 Off-trade manager

1 On-trade manager

3 Back office staff

3 Export managers

The Administrative and Financial team

The team’s role

The Chief Financial and Administration Officer of a group play a central role in the running  of a business. In fact, the team are the frontline in a company’s internal and external development. They supervise reorganisations, deal  with financial communications and draft and complete the company’s financial statements, to ensure the compliance and reliability of the data. 
As well as this, they also, manage cashflow and financing, relationships with third parties, such as banks, lenders and auditors, and supervise and validate the various controls of the group’s management, including: 

  •  Planning;
  •  Reporting;
  • Helping to improve or implement information systems for managing company data and the preparation of industrial and financial investment studies. 


The team is composed of the following members of staff:

1 Accounts, Finance and Control manager

1 Head accountant

3 Accountants

1 Debt control manager

1 Credit control manger

1 Cashier

1 Manager of the General and Legal Affairs officer

1 Debt recovery manager

1 Office assistant and driver

1 Personnel manager

1 Personnel office manager

Production and Logistics

The role of the team

The Cantine Settesoli production and logistics department is led by a manager who coordinates the bottling departments, not only in terms of personnel management but also the optimisation of the factory’s automated systems. 
In their role, the manager coordinates and monitors the activities of the bottling department, optimising the use of resources and ensuring the products are available on time, in line with the demands of the production and sales departments.

The team is composed of:

1 Logistics and Production manager

2 Back office staff who deal with the export documents and liaise with delivery companies, check incoming goods and control the quality of the delivery documents, production, managing the loading/unloading of incoming and outgoing goods

3 Warehouse staff

The Quality Committee

The team’s role

Cantine Settesoli’s Quality Assurance & Quality Control department oversees the Integrated Quality Control System, Food and Environmental Safety, Energy and Sustainability.   

These activities also includes the maintenance of 12 certified management systems: 1 Quality system, 1 Traceability system, 2 Food safety systems, 1 Organic system, 1 Vegan system, 1 Energy system, 3 Environmental systems and 2 Sustainability systems. 

In parallel, the department also manages all those aspects that involve Health & Safety in the workplace, Privacy and the Treatment of wastewaters at the company’s various purification plants. 

The team is composed of 1 Manager and 7 staff: 

1 Resource is responsible for organising training initiatives, managing the harvest documentation and the gauging/calibration of in-house instruments

3 Resources carry out quality control operations on the packaging line, manage the ‘production bags’ and draft/update the technical specifications of the products

3 Resources manage the handling of wastewaters and all the necessary activities to ensure the smooth functioning of the purification plants at the S.S. 115, Ex Covag and C.da Cannitello factories

The Hospitality team

Hospitality is an important calling card for promoting the image of Cantine Settesoli and its wines, but it is also an essential channel for building customer loyalty.

Within this role, the  team also has the task of liaising with visitors from many different nations.



The Hospitality manager

As well as having a good knowledge of wines and their technical characteristics, the  hospitality managers also needs to be good storytellers, because they have to tell visitors about the different production stages and traditions, the history of the site, and the company’s values and vision. 

The Hospitality Manager coordinates the team and oversees and organises enotourism activities with the Operations Manager.

The team is composed  of:


Hospitality manager

Professional sommelier



Professional sommelier

The Sommelier

A Sommelier is a professional figure, who is in charge of providing an in-depth organoleptic analysis of the wines and also manages and presents the wine-tasting sessions for our clients and visitors. 

The Enotourism guide

The guide takes visitors on a tour of the winery in which they explain the history of the cellar and accompany the visitors on a wine tasting session.