The Values

Authenticity and innovation

Authenticity and innovation are an integral part of the company’s DNA. Over the years, this combination has ensured the success and validity of our brands, providing the delicate balance and conditions necessary to allow us to update the winery’s offering with an eye to the future, always in complete respect for our social and cultural heritage.

Offering excellence

Cantine Settesoli never negotiates when it comes to quality. To represent the world of viticulture in its most noble and complete form, the company pays the utmost care and attention to the quality of every grape and the perfection of the winemaking process. From the product to customer service, it is this constant search for excellence that makes us stand out on the competitive stage. 

Cultivating entrepreneurial spirit

Agile and decentralised, Cantine Settesoli’s organisational structure not only promotes efficiency and responsiveness,  but also fosters individual initiative, entrusting each of our member winegrowers with important responsibilities. This strong entrepreneurial spirit requires not only an element of risk-taking and perseverance, but also a pragmatic approach and the ability to guide and motivate our members to achieve ambitious objectives. 

Commitment to the company

Respect for these values is the key to the success of Cantine Settesoli, which is well aware of the problems of the modern-day world. Since its establishment, the company has championed sustainable development as one of its core strategies. Today, this commitment provides a concrete response to the theme of corporate ethical responsibility as a whole and underlines the decisive role of Cantine Settesoli’s members within the Sicilian social context. 
Cantine Settesoli’s business is founded on respect for people and the  environment. The member’s commitment is concretely expressed through a system of codes, regulations and policies, designated by the cooperative according to the very latest international standards.  

Company policy

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Anti-Covid Protocol for Visitors and Wine-tasting Sessions

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Anti-Covid Protocol for Employees and Suppliers

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New provisions on Covid-19 prevention

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Passing down knowledge

For Cantine Settesoli and its members, preserving and developing the knowledge that has been handed down for generations is one of our primary goals.

Social and environmental responsibility

Since its foundation, the company has made sustainable development one of its principal guiding strategies. 

Decentralised organisation

Cantine Settesoli distributes the responsibility of everyday management between different departments and individuals. This leaves the managers of each department free to focus on the urgent issues the company has to face. One of the main advantages of a decentralised organisational structure is that it accelerates the problem-solving process and allows the company to grow much faster. In this way, department heads can prioritise and deal more effectively with the key issues at hand, which also helps to speed up the implementation of important projects.