Cantine Settesoli’s Spirit

Cantine Settesoli produces competitive brands for a global market, offering wines that harness all of the unique know-how and age-old traditions that have been passed down across the generations, all with a constant commitment to keeping in step with the times, making us ambassadors of an exquisitely Sicilian way of living.

A long-term vision

Cantine Settesoli has knowingly preserved its family spirit and sees long-term planning as a top priority. In fact, our activities now guarantee work for 5,000 families, which amounts to 75% of the families in the territory.

Our  vocation is to ensure the development and growth of each and every one of our member winegrowers and their vines, guiding them through each decision according to stringent protocols, all in complete respect for their specific needs and autonomy, providing them with all the necessary resources to plan, produce, launch and distribute the wines through carefully selected sales channels worldwide.