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  • Inycon is our Company’s international label. Inycon wines are available on the shelves of most supermarkets and large shops around the world, exclusively outside of Italy.


    The brand was launched in 1999 with a selection of premium wines, the most famous and representative from our land.


  • The Mandrarossa wines are the top range of Cantine Settesoli. They come from the careful selection of both the vineyards and the vines, together with the harmonious combination of local culture, traditional farming and winemaking technology.

    Mandrarossa are truly charming wines, meant for the most refined palates and intended for the finest restaurants and the most stylish wine bars.

  •  At Settesoli we understand the enormous gift that we have received from nature and we think that nurturing our soil, producing first quality grapes and creating wines with a distinctive character is our way to pay tribute to our beautiful land.


    It was this philosophy that led to the launch of Settesoli varietal wines in 2001. They are now distributed to supermarkets large chain stores and retail outlets throughout the world.





Settesoli - Dove nasce l'eccellenza

Settesoli - Where excellence is born